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Our Story

Having owned and operated a Cafe in Golden Bay for many years, we understand the importance of having a good, reliable coffee supplier. We also know that the coffee needs to be consistently top quality.

While running our cafe, we struggled to find a good coffee supplier. We love coffee and so we started to develop our own blends and invested in a coffee roaster. As time went on, we increased the amount we produced and started to gain a market for our coffee blends – other cafes and restaurants in the area were keen to buy from us.

In 2011 we moved to Hope to set up full time production of what is now Tuatara Coffee. We have built a significant market, supplying hundreds of motels, hotels, cafes and restaurants in the wider region. We also sell to major retail outlets, including Foodstuffs and Progressive Foods.

There are plenty of places that you can buy our coffee, and with over 13 years experience in producing our products we have learnt a great deal. We produce 5 different blends and our focus is on superb quality.

On top of great coffee, we have a big interest in conservation. We also trade fairly. Giving back to the community, environment and maintaining fair business ideals are important aspects of our business and ones that we are proud of.

Our Team

Chris : Roaster

Jo : Factory Manager

Jozef : Coffee Machine Technician and Coffee Training

Coffee with a Cause

The Tuatara is the most primitive reptile in existence – a true living dinosaur, found only in New Zealand.

We donate to Tuatara conservation and are proud sponsors of the West Coast Wildlife Trust and Natureland Trust, Nelson.

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